Commssioned portraits usually involve a photoshoot, live sketches and preview of photos before selecting the composition.  Portraits from photos alone can also be done.  Prices vary according to size, and composition.  For Example: a full figure portrait would be more expensive than just a head and shoulder one.  Also, a group portrait would add to the cost as well.   Size of canvas  is dependent on composition and usually range from 16 x 20 up to 36 x 48.  Paintings can be in oils or acrylics or a combination of both.
Prices start at $400. To schedule a meetup in order to discuss your beautiful portrait, contact the artist.
Payment is 1/3 at the beginning, 1/3 
when portrait is halfway and possible changes are discussed and 1/3 upon completion of portrait.  All portraits are done in gallery wrapped canvas and can be hung framed or unframed.