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About the Artist

About the Artist

Gladiola Sotomayor was born in Puerto Rico in 1964 and has been an Educator for 30 plus years with experience teaching early childhood level to University students.

Her vast experience in pedagogy and her immersion of live art as part of the classroom experience has made her a recipient of  the  National Board Certification Award in 2008 .

Exhibition projects and Educational conferences go hand in hand in her Museum Exhibitions with collaboration of experts in  different fields relating to the exhibition's subject matter.

Gladiola earned a Masters Degree from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1995 and is currently working towards a Doctorates in  History.

She divides her time between working in the studio and mentoring.

Her works can be found in private and public sectors in her homeland and abroad.

By using a combination of surrealism and imaginative elements in her works and incorporating symbolic language she communicates different moments and  stages of life. Gladiola states in her own words, " As an artist I am committed with the transformation of the perception of our own Humanity.

Motherhood and Women's Empowerment are constant themes in her paintings, drawings and sculptures.